Holland v England Amateurs 2-1 (International: March 24, 1913)

March 24, 1913
Amateur international, at Houtrust.
Holland – England Amateurs 2-1 (1-1).
Attendance: 20,000.
Referee: Mr. Charles Barette.
Holland (2-3-5): Just Göbel (A.V.C. Vitesse), Leo Bosschart (H.V. & C.V. Quick), David Wijnveldt (D.C.& F.C. U.D.), Tony Kessler (H.V.V.), Bok de Korver (Captain, R.V. & A.V.), Joop Boutmy (H.B.S.), Jan Vos en Dé Kessler (H.V.V.), Huug de Groot (R.V. & A.V.), Jan Vos (U.V.V.), Willy Westra (A.V.& C.V.), Piet van der Wolk (R.V. & A.V.).
England Amateurs (2-3-5): Dr. Ronald Gilchrist Brebner (Chelsea), Frederick Thomas Ansell (Oxford City), Arthur Knight (Portsmouth), Douglas McWhirter (Leicester Fosse), Andrew Veitch (Stockton), Joe Dines (Ilford), George Shipway (Dulwich Hamlet), George Littler (1st Kings Royal Rifles), Vivian Woodward (Captain, Chelsea), George Harold Douglas (Ilford), Robert Henry Callender (Stockton).
The goals: 1-0 de Groot (4 min.), 1-1 Woodward (23 min.), 2-1 de Groot (56 min.).

Holland team (The Bystander: April 2, 1913):
Standing, from left til right: David Wijnveldt, Joop Boutmy, Just Göbel, Bok de Korver, Leo Bosschart, Tonny Kessler. Front row: Piet van der Wolk, Willy Westra van Holthe, Huug de Groot, Jan Vos en Dé Kessler.

England team (The Bystander: April 2, 1913):

Holland Supporters (The Bystander: April 2, 1913):


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