Theatrical Football Gala meeting (February 27, 1914)

February 27, 1914
A meeting of the Executive of the Liverpool Theatrical Committee was held at the Bee Hotel yesterday, the chairman (Mr. W.W. Kelly) presided.

It was reported that the financial results of the grand benefit matinee recently held at the Shakespeare Theatre had surpassed all previous records, and that there would be no less a sum than £235 from this source.

It was mentioned that nothing had been deducted in the shape of expenses, Mr. Kelly having placed his theatre at the disposal of the committees for the matinee entirely free.

On the motion of Mr. Crouch, seconded by Mr. H. Arnold, a vote of thanks was tendered to Mr. Kelly, and to his able lieutenant, Mr. Reginald Grant. Mr. Kelly, in acknowledging the same, expressed the hope that even better results would be achieved at next year’s matinee.

It was reported that Mr. Tom Watson was carrying out the arrangements for the great football match at Anfield in March between a team composed of Everton and Liverpool players and a team of internationals.

An interesting announcement in regard to this match will shortly be made.
(Evening Express: February 28, 1914)

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