Where there will be football

September 4, 1915
Where there will be football
Bright prospect of the Midland section clubs. Many old and new players keen on the game.

The fourteen clubs forming the Midland section of the League competition are looking forward to an interesting season. They have an abundance of players, former professionals and amateurs and budding professionals and amateurs. Mingled together these players promise to provide unusually bright football. It is interesting to point out that six of the clubs were members of the First Division of the League last season, while the remaining eight were in the Second Division. The “Sportsman” contain some interesting information concerning the prospects of the clubs, from which the following is taken.

Many of Barnsley’s best will not be available, as five are in the forces and a number engaged elsewhere on munition work or contract jobs, and unable to turn out. Those likely to turn out include Jack Cooper (goal); Dickie Downs and Jack Tindall (backs); Frank Barson and Clive Wigmore (half-backs); George Donkin, Harry Tufnell, Jimmy Moore, and Joe Lees (forwards). Two old players in Phil Bratley (Liverpool) (half back), who is mine working, and Bill Palmer (Everton), in business locally, will assist their former clubs, and the fact of Rotherham Town having “closed down” will enable Frank Brown and Billy Jefferson to figure, if required, in the half-back-line. Birkes (Doncaster Rovers) will also assist. Lyons an Marshall are among those enlisted, and Bethune, Rooney, and Musgrove are engaged on Government work.

Bradford Park Avenue.
Enlistment and munition work elsewhere will cause many new faces to be seen in the Park Avenue team this coming season, and at the most only Sam Blackham (full back), Jack Scott (half back), and the forwards David Howie and Jimmy Bauchop, will be available, these probably not regularly. Ernie Scattergood is preparing fuel for Fleet, and Willie Kivlichan qualifying as a medical man, so that Mr. T.E. Maley will have to fall back mainly on new local talent.

Bradford City.
Bradford City may have the assistance occasionally of some of its Army contribution, including Captain Frank Buckley, Private Jock Ewart, and Sergeant Dickie Bond, and others, such as Jimmy McIlvenny, Oscar Fox, and Bob Torrance, working away from the district. There are also Mark Mellors (goal), Sandy Doolan, and Fred Potts (backs), Harry Hampton, George Robinson, and Joe Hargreaves (half backs), and the redoubtable Albert Shepherd (forward), but their other and greater engagements may prevent them appearing in out-games, and with the exception of Ernie Heath (goal), Irvine Boocock (back), Billy Grimshaw, Frank O’Rourke, Jimmy McDonald, and Peter Logan (forwards) recourse will have to be had to rising talent from other West Riding clubs. Of these a goodly number of players have already signified their readiness to turn out.

Derby County.
After some hesitation the “Rams” decided to proceed with football as members of the Midland section, and the executive have managed to secure promises of support from a goodly number of last season’s players, their work permitting. Situate as they are, it is certainly preferable that the club should be kept going with the best talent available, and thus, furnish some recreation locally. Bill Eadie (half back) and their wing-forward, Billy Baker, will, however, be among the missing, and of less frequent players Bob Waugh at full back and Norman Fordham in the attack. A local who should train on is Whittingham, who gained prominence in schoolboy football.

Grimsby Town.
The “Fishermen” furnished a goodly contingent to the Footballers’ Battalion, and are only able to reckon on the assistance of the following three regular members of the old side, Tony Arrowsmith (back), Thomas Rippon, and George Rampton (forwards), although Martin Spendiff, Sedgman, Ernie Whitechurch, and, maybe, Ralph Thompson will figure in the side. But it is hoped that Ronnie Sewell, the Burnley reserve custodian, Akott (????) (Chelsea), and a number of military and local players will fill the gaps. The name of Hatton, late of the Palace, is also mentioned as likely to don once more than Town colours.

Huddersfield Town.
Huddersfield ought not to suffer greatly, though, of course, Fred Fayers will be missed, and Fred Bullock, like Jack Cook, in in the Footballers’ Battalion. Bob Reid, too, is engaged North of the Tweed; and Ted Davies (goal), and Charles Slade (forward) are also too far afield to be able to assist. Most of the newcomers are or have been identified with other clubs in the Riding, whilst Sam Whittingham and L. Hail return from Blackpool and South Shields to the old love as full-back and half back respectively.

Hull City.
(very bad print) Hull City may be able to place a stronger team in the field when away from home. Sammy Stevens, who, put to his account 24 goals in Second Division games last season, is not likely to journey to the banks of the Humber, though he may be available now and again. Hendry (goal) and J. Lee (forward), who are located at York and Sheffield respectively, hope to assist, but McIntosh (half back) and J. Lyon are in the Army, and D. Morgan (full back) and W.S. Cameron are not likely to turn out. Others of the last year’s team ready to do duty include J. Pattison and A. Betts (backs), Edelston and Wright (half backs), and Mercer (forward). Two valuable acquisitions of intent, however, are announced in Houghton, the Fulham full back, and McQuillan (Leeds City), who both come from the Humber, the latter only at the beginning of last season. Report speaks very highly of a young local player, J. Christmas, as a leader of the attack.

Leeds City.
A goodly number of the Leeds eleven of 1914-15 cannot assist again, these including Hogg, McQuillan, Blackman, H. Peart, McLeod, and Speirs, the last named of whom is with the Cameron Highlanders. E.H. Lintott , too, has a commission. Still there will be the nucleus of a good side left, with the assistance of G. Law and Foley, back in the district from Arbroath and Belfast, P. Bradley, a goalkeeper from Gainsborough Trinity, and Tommy Bennett, a forward from South Liverpool. Last season’s players available include Walker (goal); Law, Affleck, and Copeland (backs); Laraph, Hampson, Foley, and Wainwright (half-backs); Goodwin, Edmondson, Price, Cawley, and Croot (forwards). Yesterday a statement coinciding with what I heard at Hornsey on Saturday last, and the terms of which were hinted at in Monday’s “Sportsman,” was made to the effect that “Fanny” Walden, the famous International outside right, will appear with Leeds City, where he has obtained, or is obtaining, Government work, instead of for the ‘Spurs.

Leicester Fosse.
With the trade in Leicester brisk and workers including many skilled also at “footer,” the Fosse ought to look up and it can do very well with a period of affluence. Thus from London will come the full-backs, Clay (‘Spurs) and Bettridge (Chelsea), Calderhead (Chelsea), A. Collins (Norwich City) at half, and C. Freeman (Chelsea), R. Gibson (Birmingham), T. Bailey (Grosley Rovers), and G. Harrison (Everton), forward. Harrold is at munition work at Woolwich, but another ex-Essex amateur in G.H. Douglas, who is serving in the Leicestershire R.H.A., may be able to assist, also Mills, likewise “under arm” locally. Nor must one omit that able Preston North End attacker F. Osborn, who hopes, when military duties allow, to don the old colours. The full back, Burton, who is in the Army, and Troughear munition making, will not be assisting.

Lincoln City.
With nearly all their old players engaged on munition work locally, there will be very little change in the constitution of this side, though J.H. Butler (goal), Dowling and Wolstenholme (forwards) will not be available, and it is not expected that extraneous aid will have to be sought seeing that quite a good combination can be drawn from Goldsborough (goal), Jackson and Dunne (backs), Robson, Gardner, Barrett, and Wield (half backs), Manning, Egerton, Chesser, Ball, and Salkeld and the ex-Clapton Orient couple, Cavanagh and Pattison (forwards).

Notts County.
Perhaps the chief feature of the Midlanders’ list, kindly forwarded by the secretary-manager, Mr. Albert Fisher, is the reappearance of Jas. Cantrell, of the ‘Spurs, with his old colleagues. There is a Belgian, E. Pettens, who is desirous of assisting, and several local lads. Emberton (half back) is retiring, and J.G. Peart is working in the North, otherwise as will be seen from the following, the “old stock” will be much in evidence: A. Iremonger (goal); H. Morley, J. Perry, T. Sisson, Pte. A. West, and J. Woolley (backs); W. Jennings, A. Clamp, R. Allsebrook, E. Pettens, W. Stainsby, and W. Bird (half backs); I. Waterall, W. Flint, J. Cantrell (Tottenham Hotspur), G. Richards, J. Leatherhead, J. Parish, J. Mills, George Thorpe, L. James, Ben Lilley, H.V. Henshall (forwards).

Nottingham Forest.
The Foresters’ outlook is nothing like so promising, as they have furnished a goodly number, about ten, to the Forces. Gibson, Mercer, Tim Coleman, and H. Iremonger, to the Footballers’ Battalion; Fiske, the other custodian is also in the Forces, but, happily, the International, Sam Hardy of the Villa will be available a custodian, and none better could be desired. Those remaining include Fisher and H. Jones (backs), Armstrong and Needham (half backs), Bell, Harris, Neve, and Powell, and they will be reinforced by the two Bullings from Watford, W. Tinsley (Middlesbrough). Wilfred Bartrop, the Liverpool reserve forward, who was previously in the winning Barnsley Cup team and J. Birch of Queen’s Park Rangers.

Sheffield United.
The FA Cup winners – the last ??? ??? longer – will have no reward than ten of their side available, the only absentee being Evans, who is shipbuilding, whilst English will not be regularly seen in the ranks. Hawley, the reserve half-back, is working a Coventry, and Thompson (forward) is in the Army. Others available outside the Cup team include Holmes, Gillespie, and Bovill, whilst if further aid is required it can be obtained from the host of talent employed in the Sheffield district, including Fidler (The Arsenal), Barnshaw (Watford), Leave ??? (West Ham United) and Shearman (West Bromwich Albion), all of whom has former association with the United or football in the vicinity.

Sheffield Wednesday.
Wednesday have furnished generously of their players to the country’s call, and have also many working on munitions. Those remaining include Worrall, C. Brelsford, and Spoors (backs), Brittleon, T.W. Brelsford, and Parkes (half-backs). Capper, Gill, Burkenshaw, A. Wilson, Glennon, and Tasker, (forwards). H. Bentley, Robertson, and McLean would be willing to assist, but military duties and work at a distance will probably prove a bar and Parkes will only be seen out irregularly. McSkimming is in Glasgow, Bentley in the R.F.A., with Davison and Kirkman among those wearing khaki. T. Thorpe (Nothampton) will be found in goal, and of a long list of those who may fill vacancies I might mention Womack (Birmingham) (back), Harrop (Aston Villa) (half back), Goodwin (Exeter City) (centre forward), and possibly Tinkler (Birmingham) (half back).

Lancashire section.
Bolton Wanderers
Three Bolton Wanderers men are with the colours. These are R.G.A. Toone, Seddon (Motor Transport), and J. Thomas (Royal Scots). Ten of the players have found work in the town, and will probably be available, although the directors wisely retained from influencing the movements of any of the men who did service last season. Donaldson’s movements are uncertain. Fay will play for Southport Central, Buchan is working at Woolwich, and Hodgkinson at Coventry. Three of the club’s acquisitions are A. Robinson (Blackburn Rovers), J. Lansdale (Norwich City) and H. Holt (Exeter City). George Lillycrop and Ted Vizard are among ten players remaining in the town.

Blackpool are promised a prosperous season, particularly in view of the fact that four of the Blackburn Rovers players have promised their assistance. Bob Crompton, Chapman, Latheron, and Hodgkinson should prove  great attraction. Half-a-dozen of the club’s players – P. Burke, H. Keenan, J. Harrison, J. Lane, B. Yarnal, and T. Preston – have joined the colours since last season, while Peter Quinn, H. Sibbald, and G. Tulloch are doing “their bit” in the way of munitions. That Blackpool should do well seems pretty certain, as they have received promises of help from the following players: F.J. Mitchell, goal; R. Crompton (Blackburn Rovers), J. Jones and F. Rushton, backs; J. Bainbridge, G. Wilson, and R. Booth, half-backs; J. Charles, L. Appleton, B. Green, G. Chapman (Blackburn Rovers), E.G. Latheron (Blackburn Rovers), and J. Hodgkinson (Blackburn Rovers), forwards. Of these, Chapman can serve either as centre half or centre forward.

Bury are in a fortunate position so far as the number of persons are concerned, having many more players on their books than they had last season. Then they had 22 professionals and four amateurs, while they have now 27 former professionals and 11 others. Assistance has been promised by the following of last season’s players: – T. McDonald, and F. Pickup, goal; J.H. Thompson, T. Priestley, F. Whatmough, T. Greaves, and J. Allan, full-back; W.T. Humphreys, E. Bullen, George Brooks, A. Culshaw, R. Heap, and J. Goldie, half backs; Chris Duffy, E. Connor, J. Spottiswood, J. Lythgoe, A. Mercer, F. Wilson, W. Mattieson, H. Holt, and F. Mason, forwards. Several old players who had been engaged by other clubs have returned to the town, and will turn out Gigg-lane. The new men on the list include H.E. Edge (who has played for Wellington Town), L. Hancox (the Dudley player), and B.W. Timmins (who is also known in Birmingham League Football).

A strong team will welcome any visitors to Turf Moor, where Burnley have the following players to pick from: – J. Dawson, goal; T. Bamford, D. Taylor, J. Wild, and A. Cowell (Blackburn Rovers), backs; A. Walmsley (Blackburn Rovers), T.W. Boyle, W. Watson, H. Shaw, W. Hampson, and J. Brown, half-backs; W. Nesbitt, R. Kelly, B.C. Freeman, E. Hodgson, E. Mosscrop, H. Stevens, R. Lindley, J. Orr (Blackburn Rovers), T. Byrom (Blackburn Rovers), and A. Scholes (forwards). With the exception of the four Blackburn players, Stevens, a Manchester youth, and Scholes, who has played in the Burnley Amateur League, are the only new players. George Halley and Thompson have enlisted, while Thorpe is engaged on Government work in Newcastle. Freeman is doing munition work in Birmingham, but hopes to get similar work in Burnley shortly.

Although the war has not dealt heavily with the inhabitants of Goodison Park, many changes have been wrought in Everton’s team, and it will doubtless be some time before the old and the new players find their form. Of the League Champions’ former players, Galt, Weller, Parker, Harrison, Palmer, McFadyen, Roy, and Houston have either enlisted or are engaged on Government work in other towns, and although they are promised the assistance of some twenty-eight players, there are many whose fame is limited to local amateur circles. The players “signed on” are: – T. Fern, F. Mitchell, W. Bromilow, goal; R. Thompson, J.S. Maconnachie, R. Simpson, John Page, R. Stewart, R. Weatherly, full backs; T. Fleewtood, W. Wareing, A. Grenyer, H. Makepeace, W. Brown, H. Johnson, A. Gardner, half-backs; S. Chedgzoy, F. Jeffries, W.H. Kirsopp, T. Nuttall, W. Wright, J. Clennell, H. Howarth, J. Roberts, J. Donnachie, J. Coffey, Tom Page, and H. Baines, forwards. Seventeen of these players are engaged on Government work.

A number of newcomers will of necessity be seen in Liverpool’s ranks this season, no fewer than fourteen of their men being unavailable. They: Elisha Scott, Robert Crawford, Frank Grayer, Robert  Pursell, Harry Lowe, Thomas Fairfoull, Bob Ferguson, William Lacey, Jack Sheldon, William Banks, Robert Macdougall, Tom Miller, James Nicholl, Robert Terriss. Only three players have joined the new armies, other being engaged on the all-important munition work in other towns. Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Sam Speakman, Donald Mackinlay, James Scott, Walter Wadsworth, Arthur Goddard, Arthur Metcalf, Fred Pagnam, and James Dawson are all the old players available, while of the new men the following are the most prominent: J. Middlehurst (full back), from Hull City; W. Molyneux (half-back), from Norwich City; D. Williams (inside right), from Belfast Celtic; James Henderson (inside left) from Glossop; Walter Price (outside left), from South Liverpool; A. McGhie (outside left), from Blackburn Rovers; D. Wilson (forward) from Norwich City. Ritchie (outside right), of Norwich City, has also offered his services.

Manchester City.
Manchester City have every reason to be pleased with their prospects for the season, no fewer than nineteen of the twenty-seven players who made such a strong bid for the championship last season are again available. Most of these are engaged in the district on munitions, and in the addition of some outside talent a strong eleven can be fielded. A.J. Goodchild, Henry Fletcher, Howe, and A. Allen (Glossop), and Gartland are all tried defenders; while of the half-backs J. Brennan, E. Hughes, W. Bottomly, W. Garner, Jock Henderson, F. Parker, and Sid Scott are ready for the call, and J. Hindmarsh, who is engaged on munition work, can play whenever it is possible to do so. James Cumming, S.J. Hoad, J. Dorsett, H. Barnes, J.E. Cartwright, P. Fairclough, Lot Jones, George Wynn, and W. Gaughan have all offered their services as forwards. In addition the club have secured the assistance of T. Broad, the Bristol City-Oldham Athletic outside right, a son of J. Broad, who, by the way, will train the team since R. Chatt, the senior trainer has found employment at Darlington.

Manchester United.
A capable side should represent Manchester United, who have most of their old players still on the list. Such well-known exponents as the following should be able to give a good account of themselves to all comers: – J. Mew, goal; A. Allman, E.H. Hudson, W. Spratt, R.H. Roberts, C. Barlow (Northern Nomads), backs; S. Cookson, J.F. Haywood, P. O’Connell, T. Cripps, S. Cubberley, F. Knowles, J. Broster (Queen’s Park Rangers), and W. Malone, half-backs; W. Woodcock, A. Travis, G. Travers, A.J. Prince, J. Lofthouse (Reading), D. Wilson (Norwich City), W. Halligan (Hull City), F. Hopkins (Darlington), T. Knighton (Glossop), H. Holt (Exeter City), E.J. West, and G. Anderson, forwards. G. Wall, Royds, and Norton are with the colours, and G. Stacey and A. Turnbull are working in the district and are not expected to play. Billy Meredith has gone into business, and is also not expected to take part in football.

Oldham Athletic.
Oldham Athletic’s outlook is decidedly encouraging, as although some seven of last season’s players have either joined the colours or left the district, the number of new men more than make up the complement of player on the list. The most notable absentee is Joe Donnachie, who is in Liverpool, but some of the new men are tried exponents, Wolstenholme, who played for Oldham before joining Lincoln City, Knight, of Glossop, and Ward of Bradford, being a trio of useful recruits. Last season’s players who have offered their assistance are: H. Matthews and Ted Taylor, goal; J. Hodson, W. Goodwin, H. Gruny, and H. Lester, backs; H. Moffat, C. Roberts, A. Dixon, A.E. Lashbrooke and M. Birks, half backs; O. Tummon, J. Walters, G. Kemp, A. Gee, E. Pilkington, R. Ousey, and R. Brindle, forwards.

Preston North End.
Preston North End have the making of a useful side in the men at their disposal, albeit they could do with more defenders than they can muster – S. Newton, W. Hayes, goal; T. Rodway, A. Alstead, T. Threlfall, and A.J. Holder, backs; J. McCall, T.A. Broome, P.J. Smith, W.J. Lyon, R. Mawdsley, F. Graham, and R. Morris, half-backs; W. Clifton, J.B. Morley, W.B. Gillow, H. Lee, J.L. Macauley, G.H. Barlow, J. Halliwell, J. Hosker, R. Morris, P.B. Sloan, and B. Ives, forwards. Lee is the Fulham centre, Ives hails from Queen’s Park Rangers, while Percy Smith, Halliwell, and Lyon will be recognised as late of Blackburn.

Stoke are happy on finding themselves in first-class company again, and they intend to turn their opportunities to account. They will miss the services of A. Watkin, who was the most prolific goal-scorer in the Southern League (second division) last season. He has joined the colours. So, too, have Forrester and Ray. Bradley having become a licence-holder, will not play, while Milne and A. Smith are on the sick and injured list. The club have some useful recruits, including J. Cameron (Port Vale) and J. Bentley (Port Vale), backs; J. Shelton (Port Vale), H. Pearson (Port Vale), and J. Cooper (Port Vale), half backs; R. Whittingham, inside left (Chelsea and South Shields), J. Smith (centre forward forward) (Bradford), and A. Millward (Crewe Alexandra), forwards. The players from whom the team will be chosen are: R. Herron and Dennis (Port Vale), goal-keepers; J. Turner, G. Smart, J. Cameron, and J. Bentley, backs; J. Jones, C. Parker, J. Shelton, H. Pearson, and J. Cooper, half backs; H. Hargreaves, R. Whittingham, J. Smith, W. Herbert, W. Tempest, R. Smith, and A. Millward, forwards.
(Sports Argus: September 4, 1915)

where there will be football

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