The Liverpool F.C. ambulance fund

February 1, 1916
Liverpool F.C. wisely set out quickly on their mission to do something to perpetuate the name of the club in connection with war work.

Last night their shareholders met to consider the scheme the directors had formed, and the meeting is, as it were, adjourned until before Saturday’s match with Blackpool.

At the meeting of the shareholders of the Liverpool Football Club, which was held last evening in the Law Association-rooms, it was decided to present a motor ambulance to the British Red Cross Society, to be called the “Liverpool Association Football Club Ambulance.”

Mr. John Asbury, who presided, explained that the club expected to receive as their share of the games played this season £250, and it was their intention to supplement this sum so that they might find the £570 needed for their object.

Mr. John McKenna, president of the Football League, spoke in support of the scheme, and the members present promised upwards of £60 towards the fund.

It was suggested that other shareholders might fall into line with this latest effort, and meet at the offices before the match at Anfield on Saturday.
(Liverpool Echo: February 2, 1916)

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