Liverpool v Blackpool 3-1 (War time League match)

Saturday, March 15 – 1919
Match: Lancashire Section, Principal Tournament, at Anfield.
Liverpool – Blackpool 3-1 (3-0).
Attendance: 28,000.
Referee: Mr. J. Twist (Preston).
Liverpool (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Harold Wadsworth, John Miller, Billy Matthews, Harry Lewis, George Schofield.
Blackpool (2-3-5): Harry Mingay, Horace Fairhurst, Jimmy Jones, Harold Keenan, George Wilson, Bobby Booth, Len Appleton, Jimmy Heathcote, Thomas Hunter, Eugene O’Doherty, Billy Rookes.
The goals: 1-0 Lewis (1 min.), 2-0 Lewis (2 min.), 3-0 Mackinlay (28 min.), 3-1 O’Doherty (49 min.).

Liverpool’s haste.
Two goals in two minutes.
Recognised the tremendous advantage accruing from getting one’s blow in first, Liverpool went a step further and dealt with Blackpool rivals a couple within two minutes of the start of the game at Anfield.

These reverses, however, did not daunt the visitors, who sternly contested the subsequent proceedings, in which they not only held their own in the matter of scoring, but likewise claimed an equality as regards the general run of the play during the later stages of the game.

Liverpool went away from the kick-off in dashing style, and their forwards ably, assisted by the half-backs, led the Blackpool defenders a merry dance.

Some delightful exchanges were forthcoming from the left wing, where Mackinlay, Lewis and Schofield displayed most commendable combination, their movements intertwined and formed a plaited procedure that at times fairly bewildered the opposing defence.

Similarly on the right, sparkling advances were evolved which developed so successfully that the three goals gained by Liverpool had their source in this part of the forward line. Gradually this standard of skill deteriorated, and in the second half the attack became very ragged and uneven.

Matthews showed much alacrity in his endeavours, and as usual passed prettily to his wings, but his control of the ball was awkward, and his shooting abilities seem to have deserted him.

The half-backs were a powerful trio, with Bamber and Mackinlay the more effective; not only did they despoil the invader, but they gave their own comrades possession in a skilful manner, while the man behind were safe and sound.

The visitors deserve great credit for their valiant response after a depressing start. Their plan of campaign, in some respects, coincided with that employed in the previous week’s fixture at Blackpool. For the second time in succession they allowed Liverpool to gain a lead of two goals before asserting themselves, and they reserved their keenest efforts for the second half of the game.

After the change of ends they repeatedly swept down on their opponents’ citadel in fine style, and having scored, they made even more determined attempts to equalised the half-time figures.

Mingay proved himself a capable custodian, and in front of him were two reliable full backs in Fairhurst and Jones. The latter was seen to especial advantage; his interventions were accurately time, and his returns were of such a judicious length that the men in his own rank could derive the maximum benefit therefrom.

A rare worker was Wilson at centre-half back, and with Keenan and Booth constituted a trio that gradually brought the Liverpool attack into comparative subjection. In formulating their advances, the forwards gave evidence of much skill, some of the passing movements being cleverly executed and carried out without any slackening of speed.

A brief reference to the scoring of the goals must suffice. From the kick-off the Liverpool right wing raced down, and the ball came to Lewis, who edged it into the net. The next minute Schofield placed a centre goalwards, and Lewis eventually added a second point. Blackpool after this strove gallantly, but could not score, and before the interval Mackinlay contributed a third goal with a fine left-footed drive. The teams changed ends without leaving the field, and O’Doherty soon after the restart headed a good goal from a centre by Appleton.
(The Athletic News, 17-03-1919)

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