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“Neil McCallum, outside right, is a forward of great parts, mixed with some faults. An old Renton man he shows all that dogged determination characteristic of the district from which he hails. Sturdy and tricky on the ball, he dribbles very close, and has a very happy knack of getting round the backs opposed to him. When he meets with a soft back, he displays a child-like fondness for making rings round him. This weakness takes the form of passion at times, and while it makes the injudicious spectator smile, it is of very little use to his side. This failing is, however, redeemed by splendid shooting and passing play, and when near goal he seldom misses the mark. He is the wit of the team, fair and good locking, is a Highlander, and wears an Inverness cloak.”
(Glasgow Evening News: February 9, 1889)

Born: July 3, 1868: Bonhill, Scotland.
Passed away: November 5, 1920.
Funeral / burial: Bonhill Churchyard.

Position: Outside right.


Renton: 1886.
Celtic: Signed: May, 1888.
Blackburn Rovers: Signed: February 22, 1890.
* 1889-90: 2-0 (Football League); 0-0 (FA Cup).
Celtic: Signed: January 17, 1891.
* 1890-91: 0-0 (Scottish League); 0-0 (FA Cup);
* 1891-92: 20-13 (Scottish League); 6-1 (FA Cup).
Nottingham Forest: Signed: August, 1892.
* 1892-93: 19-5 (Football League 1); 0-0 (FA Cup);
* 1893-94: 17-5 (Football League 1); 0-0 (FA Cup).
Loughborough Town: 1894.
Newark Town: 1894.
Notts County: Signed: 1895.
* 1895-96: 13-3 (Football League 2); 2-0 (FA Cup).
Heanor Town.

Scotland A 1-1: (v. Ireland: March 24, 1888).
Scotland A Trial 1-0: (March 2, 1889).
Scottish League XI 1-0 (v. English League: April 11, 1892).
Dumbartonshire XI Select 1-0: (v. Edinburgh: January 28, 1888).
Glasgow XI Select 1-0: (v. Edinburgh: February 23, 1889).
Scottish FA Cup Winner: 1887-88 (Renton); 1891-92 (Celtic).

Neil McCallum, Celtic F.C. (Glasgow Evening Post: April 9, 1892);