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“Alex Latta is powerfully built. He revels in his work, and never shirks his duty. He is one of the “good big ‘uns” in the Scotch team, and under his sheltering care the “good little ‘uns” will get every opportunity to shine. Sturdy and fast on the ball Latta is disposed to run on by himself, but this little failing will, we know, give way to that need for combined play, which must prevail if Scotland is to win. Mr. Latta is captain of his own club, a teetotaler, wearing a 16-inch collar, and a silver watch. Nevertheless, he is of a modest, nay, re-tiring, disposition, beloved by his club-mates, and respected by all who know him.”
(Scottish Referee: April 1, 1889)

Born: September, 1867: Dumbarton, in Scotland.
Passed away: August 25, 1928: Birkenhead, in England.
Funeral: August 28, 1928: Bebington cemetery.

Position: Outside right.

Height: 173 cm. (5ft. 8in.);
Weight: 80 kilos (12st. 9lb.).
** Source for height and weight: Athletic News: February 26, 1894.

Dumbarton Athletic, 1882.
* 1888-89: 3-0 (FA Cup).
Methlan Park: March, 1889.
Dumbarton Athletic: Signed: 1889.
Everton: Signed: August 1889.
* re-signed contract: August 22, 1895.
Liverpool: October 14, 1896.
* registered with the Football League: October 15, 1896.
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: October 22, 1896.
** Retired.
Rock Ferry: 1897.

Scotland A 2-2: (v. Wales: March 10, 1888 ‘2g’; v. England: April 13, 1889).
Scotland A Trial 2-2 (February 16, 1889; March 2, 1889 ‘2g’).
Dumbartonshire Select XI 5-4: (v. Forfarshire: September 5, 1885; v. Renfrewshire: March 13, 1886; v. Lancashire: October 22, 1887; v. Edinburgh: January 26, 1889 ‘4g’; v. Birmingham: February 23, 1889).
Football League Winner: 1890-91 (Everton).
Liverpool Cup Winner: 1889-90 (Everton); 1890-91 (Everton); 1895-96 (Everton).

Glasgow Evening Post: October 2, 1890.
Alex Latta, Everton (West Somerset Free Press : November 28, 1891):
Alex Latta, Everton (Lloyd’s Weekly News: October 30, 1892):


Sporting Life: March 25, 1893.


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