Patrick Flannigan heads for the States

Monday, July 14 – 1930
Mr. Bob McGlashan, Arbroath’s secretary-manager, made an important capture on Saturday. He was in Cowdenbeath, and secured the signature of David Flannigan, who holds a free transfer from Newcastle.
Flannigan, who is a left half back, was reared in Kelty Rangers. He found his way to Cathkin Park, and there his ability soon marked him as one of the finest left halfs in the Second Division. In season 1928-9 he was transferred to Newcastle at, I am told, a figure of something like £1,000.
Sturdily built, Flannigan stands 5ft. 11in. and turns the scale at 12st. 5lbs., and his presence should go a long way towards making the Maroons’ mid-line a strong one.
I am further told that David had the idea of crossing to America along with his brother Patrick Flannigan, who, after giving Cowdenbeath one or two seasons’ service, went to Liverpool, and who has decided to try his fortunes in America.
(Dundee Courier, 14-07-1930)

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