Season preview 1930-31: Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News)

August 25, 1930
Liverpool will rely in the main on the same players as last season, and are hoping that they will not strike such a bad patch as in the closing games when only one point was obtained out of 12.

The paucity of goals was a reflection upon the attack, which held the unenviable record of having scored fewer than any in the First Division. Too much reliance was played upon the centre-forward.

There has been no new signings during the close season. The recruiting process was carried out during the last term, when Aitkin and Thompson came to the club from Wallsend, Charlton from Bradford City, Ireland and Macpherson from the Rangers, Roe from Mexborough, Tom Bradshaw from Bury, and Gunson and Wright from Sunderland.

The management regard the outlook hopefully. There are no qualms about the defensive division, which has been the mainstay for many season.

The club is fortunate in possessing goalkeepers of the ability of Scott and Riley with Aitken as understudy, and there is not likely to be any decline in the full-back division. The rumours concerning the fitness of Jackson were unfounded, as has been shown in the practice games, and he will be ready for the opening match. There will be keen competition at half-back, as the various positions appear to be well duplicated.

John McFarlane has gone to Halifax Town; Bill Fairhurst, a goalkeeper from St. Helens, to Wigan Borough; Albert Shears to Tranmere Rovers, and Harry Race to Manchester City, while John Quinn, an outside-left is still unsigned.

Player Birth-place Position Height Weight
Elisha Scott Belfast Goalkeeper 175 69
Arthur Riley South Africa Goalkeeper 185 80
Andrew Aitken Newcastle-on-Tyne Goalkeeper 175 71
James Jackson Newcastle-on-Tyne Right back 173 74
Tommy Lucas St. Helens Full back 168 69
Robert Done Runcorn Full back 175 73
John Charlton Leadgate Left back 173 74
Tom Morrison Hurlford Right half 175 70
Tommy Gardner Liverpool Right half 176 67
Robert Ireland Darvel Half back 175 77
Tom Bradshaw Bishopton Centre half 185 89
Norman James Liverpool Centre half 184 71
Alfred Roe Sheffield Centre half 181 76
Jimmy McDougall Port Glasgow Left half 180 73
Tom Bromilow Liverpool Left half 174 73
Charlie Thompson South Africa Left half 175 74
Dick Edmed Gillingham Outside right 180 73
Harold Barton Leigh Outside right 173 68
Gordon Hodgson South Africa Inside right 183 85
Bob Clarke Newcastle-on-Tyne Inside forward 180 88
Jimmy Smith Clydebank Centre forward 176 73
Alan Scott Liverpool Centre forward 180 67
Archie Macpherson Alloa Inside left 173 74
John Wicklow Belfast Inside left 181 79
Dave Wright Kirkcaldy Inside forward 173 75
Gordon Gunson Chester Outside left 177 72
Fred Hopkin Dewsbury Outside left 172 75
J. Kelly Londonderry Outside left 171 76

(Athletic News: August 25, 1930)

Liverpool F.C. – 1930/31.

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