Liverpool F.C. in trial tackle

August 8, 1934
Their juniors in public view
Liverpool F.C. are holding a private trial at Cadby Hall to-morrow at 3 o’clock, and they have announced the names of their regular performers for the first test. The only newcomer is a goalkeeper on trial for a month.

Trial games mean little; they are interesting as granting the crowd the chance to welcome their old favourites. The position at Liverpool is worth special study, but not at this early stage. The club are said to have 100 players on their books, and correspondents have written me in suggestive vein, the main theme of their talk being that it would be better if Liverpool could, for a chance, get fewer players and more successes in the second team, which has been a failure for so many years. One correspondent adds: “They don’t want 100; they do want someone fresh and promising for the second team, because some of the first team men who failed to stay the pace of last season cannot be expected to stay the course this season, and the introduction of new blood did not bring with it youthful signs, because the club had to pay for experienced players.”

Maybe this correspondent is prejudging the case. Certainly he anticipated some of the older men not lasting the long and tiring journey, and in any case I want to see the following sides before making a judgment on the outlook: –

Reds: Arthur Riley, Willie Steel, Ernest Blenkinsop, Ted Savage, Tom Bradshaw, Jimmy McDougall, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Vic Wright, Gordon Hodgson, Tosh Johnson, Alf Hanson.

Whites: Stan Kane, Ben Dabbs, Jack Tennant, Fred Rogers, Norman Low, Archie Macpherson, Harry Taylor, Norrie Alden, Sam English, Syd Roberts, Lance Carr.

The Reds team is the side that played so well in the closing stages of last season. Blenkinsop is to captain the League team in the coming season in succession to Bradshaw. Kane, on a month’s trial, formerly played for Birmingham and Workington.

This trial game is on Saturday, 3:15; all pay as the proceeds go to charity. Referee, Mr. A. Smith; linesmen, Messrs. Dan Kirby and W.H. Evans.

The lads.
For the match at Cadby Hall, Liverpool have chosen:

Reds: Warham, Griffiths (Liverpool Schoolboy), Robert Felton (nephew of Tottenham defender), Hunt (St. Helens), Moreland (local), Robert Whittle (North-East on “staff”), Hilton (St. Helens), Les Heseltine (Garston), Easby (local), A. Evans (“A” team member of a year ago), W. Evans (St. Helens).

Whites: Cliff Kirk, Danson (“A” Team member), Jim Harley (young pro, signed last back end), W.E. Davis, Paddy McCarthy (“A” team member), Dickenson (local), Gordon (“A” team), Cooke (“A” team), Wood (local), Parry (local), Ashcroft (son of the former international goalkeeper).

In the past the Anfield club have not been keen to display the youngsters to public game in trial games, but this season they are trying out the young lads in public believing that Cadby neighbourhood will be interested and will form an attachment to the Liverpool “A” side. So many applications have poured into Mr. George Patterson, it has been found necessary to run another game on Tuesday at the same ground – again open to the public. There is more football atmosphere when the crowd is present.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 8, 1934)

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