Footballers A to Z

James Balfe (Jimmy Balfe) @

Position: Right back.

Bohemians: 1906.
Shelbourne: 1908.
Bohemians: 1910.
** Fractured his leg in a match in Belfast on November 5, 1910 and spent more than a month in the Royal Victoria Hospital

Ireland A 2-0: (v. England: February 13, 1909; v. Wales: April 11, 1910).
Ireland A Amateur 2-0:
Irish League XI 1-0 (v. English League: October 10, 1908).
Irish FA Cup Winner: 1907-08 (Bohemians).
City Cup Winner: 1908-09 (Shelbourne).
Leinster Senior Cup Winner: 1906-07 (Bohemians), 1908-09 (Shelbourne), 1910-11 (Bohemians), 1911-12 (Bohemians), 1914-15 (Bohemians).

Athletic News: December 9, 1907.


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