Richard Lawson Martindale the new chairman of Liverpool F.C.

July 10, 1941
Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale has been elected the new chairman of Liverpool Football Club in succession to Mr. William John Harrop who resigned this week, and Mr. William McConnell has been elected vice-chairman.

1941 Martindale and McConnell

These appointments were made at the annual directors’ meeting when the Board welcomed their new colleague, Mr. Ralph Knowles Milne.

Mr. Martindale steps into the office so ably filled by his father, the late Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale Snr, many years ago. He joined the Liverpool board in 1931. He is chairman of the Liverpool Coal Merchants’ Association, and District House Coal Officer for Liverpool, while he is in the committee of the Liverpool Sportsman’s Association.

The new chairman used to be a goalkeeper with Collegiate Old Boys, and has rendered fine service to the Reds.

Mr. McConnell is the prominent Liverpool caterer who joined the board twelve years ago and is known throughout the football world. For years he has been well-known in Merseyside sporting circles, and is the president of Aigburth Bowling Club – his third year in office.

Here’s wishing both successful terms in office.

Messrs. William McConnell, William Harvey Webb, William John Harrop and Walter Henry Cartwright constitute the Finance Committee; Messrs. James Troop, Stanley Ronald Williams, George Alfred Richards and Ralph Knowles Milne, the Grounds Committee; and Messrs. Walter Henry Cartwright, Stanley Ronald Williams and George Alfred Richards, the Stores Committee.
(Evening Express: July 11, 1941)

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