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About Harry Fitzpatrick:
Fitzpatrick has a capital idea of the position he occupies in the forward line, but there are one or two weaknesses in his play which League experience should quickly eradicate. We refer to his mode of gathering the ball, and not exercising sufficient discrimination in parting with it. This we attribute mostly to over anxiety, and therefore consider that an extended trial will rectify the failings.
(Joint Everton & Liverpool Programme, 09-11-1907)

Born: December 20, 1880: Liverpool (Lancashire), in England.
Passed away: June 6, 1942: Liverpool (Lancashire), in England.

Nickname: Fitz.

Position: Inside left.

Height: 173 cm. (5ft. 8in.);
Weight: 75 kilos (11st. 12lb.).
** Source: Athletic News: December 30, 1907.

St. Francis Xavier’s School.
Everton Juniors, 1896.
Garston Gas Works, 1897.
Army football, 1902.
Gordon Highlanders, 1902.
Luton Town: Signed: October, 1906.
Liverpool: Signed: May 3, 1907.
Chesterfield Town: Signed: May 6, 1908.

Athletic News: January 18, 1909.

Liverpool Echo: June 9, 1942


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