The death of George Hedley

August 16, 1942
The death took place yesterday at Wolverhampton of George Albert Hedley, one of the best players who ever appeared for Wolverhampton Wanderers, and one who had the distinction of holding three winners’ Cup Final medals and one runners-up medal.

Hedley, who was 66, went to the Wanderers from Sheffield United, for whom he had appeared in three final ties – in 1899 against Derby County, in 1901 against Tottenham Hotspur, and in 1902 against Southampton. Sheffield United win the first and last of the three matches.

His fourth appearance in a final tie was with the Wanderers in 1908 against Newcastle United, when he scored one of the goals. He had joined the Midland club the previous season as an inside-right, but against Newcastle United he played at centre-forward. He continued to play for the Wanderers until the end of the 1913 season.

Afterwards he went to live at Bristol, but two years ago he was bombed out, and returned to Wolverhampton.
(Source: Birmingham Mail, August 17, 1942)


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