Four “guests” versus Liverpool

October 14, 1943
Mr. Theo Kelly has had a tough job getting together the Everton side for the return game with Liverpool at Anfield and four newcomers to Goodison appear in the “probables.” In addition to Jack Jones and Greenhalgh, Malcolm Butler, of Blackpool is included to a possible full back, and Billy Hallard (Bradford Park Avenue) is at left half.

Six forwards are named provisionally. These include Fred Roberts, of Bury, who last season assisted Chester and George Murphy (Bradford City). Though Tranmere themselves are hard put to these days getting their own side together, chairman R.S. Trueman immediately offered the loan of Llew Ashcroft – who has previously played for Everton – when he heard of the Goodison club’s dilemma.

In addition to the thirteen players below there may be one big and interesting last-minute change involving the entrance of a well-known player. Meantime however, the probabes are,   Everton: (from); George Burnett, Jack Jones, Norman Greenhalgh, Maurice Butler, Stan Bentham, Tommy Jones, Billy Hallard, Fred Roberts, Llew Ashcroft, Jack Grant, George Murphy, Alex Stevenson, Jimmy McIntosh. Four of the shown players – Hallard, Murphy, Butler and Roberts – have not previously figured in an Everton side.
(Liverpool Echo: October 14, 1943)

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