English League v League of Ireland 3-0 (Inter League: September 10, 1969)

September 10, 1969
Match: Inter League, at Oakwell.
English League – League of Ireland 3-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 11,939.
Referee: Mr. E. Jennings (Stourbridge).
English League: Peter Bonetti (Chelsea), Paul Reaney (Leeds United), Frank Clark (Newcastle United), Colin Harvey (Everton), Paul Madeley (Leeds United), Norman Hunter (Leeds United), Bryan Robson (Newcastle United), Mike Bailey (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Mike Summerbee (Manchester City), Francis Lee (Manchester City), John Morrissey (Everton).
Substitution: Alan Woodward (Sheffield United) for Colin Harvey, 80 minutes.
Unused substitute: Alex Stepney (Manchester United).
League of Ireland: Peter Thomas (Waterford), P. Bryan (Waterford), Mike Meagan (Drogheda), A. Finucane (Limerick), Paddy Mulligan (Shamrock Rovers), M. Kearnan (Shamrock Rovers), F.S. O’Neill (Shamrock Rovers), Carl Davenport (Cork Hibernians), D. Wigginston (Cork Hibernians), M. Leech (Shamrock Rovers), J. Matthews (Waterford).
Substitution: A. Hale (Waterford) for Wigginston.
Unused substitutes: Sheenan (Cork Hibernians), Smyth (Shamrock Rovers).
The goals: 1-0 Robson (1 min.), 2-0 Bailey (49 min.), 3-0 Summerbee (51 min.).


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