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“A young custodian whom Liverpool people think is the finest goalkeeper playing. Born at Glasgow. Was secured by Liverpool from Cambuslang about four seasons ago, at a small fee, and took the place of Sam Hardy, now with Aston Villa. He is quick, clever, and plucky, and has had a great deal to do with Liverpool reaching the final. Twenty-one years of age, and is the idol of the Anfield crowd.”
(Source: Birmingham Daily Gazette: April 25, 1914)

Born: September 6, 1892: Cambuslang (Lanarkshire), United Kingdom.
Passed away: April 28, 1977: Macclesfield (Cheshire), United Kingdom.

Position: Goalkeeper.

Height: 179 cm. (5ft. 10in.);
Weight: 74 kilos (11st. 9lb.).
* Source for height and weight: Birmingham Daily Gazette: April 25, 1914.

Rutherglen Glencairns: 1908.
Cambuslang Rangers: 1909.
Liverpool: Signed: May 9, 1911.
* War Time Guest: Partick Thistle: Signed: February 22, 1919.
* Transfer listed: March 10, 1920.
Partick Thistle: Signed: April 8, 1920.
New Brighton: Signed: June 9, 1922.
Stoke City: Signed: March 15, 1923.
Leicester City: Signed: November 12, 1925.
South Shields.
New Brighton: Signed: 1929.

Scottish FA Cup Winner: 1920-21 (Partick Thistle).

Liverpool Echo: November 30, 1912.

Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: February 8, 1913.
Ken Campbell 1913

Evening Telegraph: June 19, 1913 (Kenneth Campbell with the daughter of Liverpool team mate Arthur Goddard).
Kenneth Campbell 1913

Liverpool Echo: April 13, 1914.
Ken Campbell 1914

Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: January 2, 1915.
Ken Campbell 1915

Dundee Courier: October 2, 1920.
Kenneth Campbell 1920

Dundee Courier: March 2, 1922.
Kenneth Campbell 1922 II

Kenneth Campbell, 1922, from the collection of James Cotton.
Kenneth Campbell 1922 JC I

Liverpool Echo: November 23, 1929.

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