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Born: September 21, 1913: Penarth, Glamorgan, Wales.
Passed away: October 6, 1988: Penarth, Glamorgan, Wales.

Position: Goalkeeper.

Height: 178 cm. (5ft. 10in.).
Weight: 73 kilos (11st. 6lbs.).

Penarth Dock Mission.
Swindon Town.
Cardiff City: Signed amateur forms: November, 1935.
* Signed: Professional forms: December, 1936.
Wrexham: Signed: July 15, 1938.
** Transferred to Liverpool for £2,000.
Liverpool: Signed: June 29, 1939.
** War time guest: Cardiff City: 1939.
** War time guest: Brentford: 1940.
** War time guest: Crystal Palace: 1942.
** War time guest: Fulham: 1942.
** War time guest: Leeds United: 1943.
Cardiff City: Signed: August 27, 1946.
Lovell’s Athletic: August 11, 1947.
Penarth Albion: 1948.

Wales A International: 2 matches.
Football League: Third Division North champions: 1946-47 (Cardiff City).

Liverpool Echo: June 29, 1939.

From football card website.

Image from this Leeds United webpage.

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