Six of the best from slick Luton

Wednesday, December 5 – 1990
Luton, unofficial football kings of plastic, took formal possession of the crown in Manchester last night. They ran away with the Guiness Soccer Six title by thumping Liverpool 4-0 in a one-sided final.

Yet Anfield manager Kenny Dalglish can hardly be surprised his side missed out on the £30,000 top prize because Peter Beardsley and Jan Mølby were the only first-team players on view. Four days at the G-Mex Centre proved more than worthwhile for Luton whose prize money totalled £52,000.

Their trophy-winning goals came from Sean Farrell, Lars Elstrup, Julian James and David Preece, voted played of the tournament. While the sponsors had wide smiles at the sight of a 5,000 sell-out crowd, they had to endure some anxious moments because of some advertising logos, which were eventually removed.

Group A: Sunderland v Queens Park Rangers 3-1; Aston Villa v Queens Park Rangers 2-2; Sunderland v Aston Villa 1-2.
Group B: Southampton v Norwich City 2-0; Leeds United v Norwich City 3-2; Southampton v Leeds United 0-0.
Winners: Leeds United.

Group C: Tottenham Hotspur v Coventry City 1-0; Tottenham Hotspur v Luton Town 1-1; Luton Town v Coventry City 2-1.
Group D: Manchester City v Crystal Palace 2-1; Derby County v Manchester City 2-0; Derby County v Crystal Palace 2-1.
Play-off final: Luton Town v Derby County 1-0.

Group E: Chelsea v Everton 0-2; Nottingham Forest v Chelsea 3-6; Everton v Nottingham Forest 4-2.
Group F: Sheffield United v Wimbledon 0-2; Arsenal v Sheffield United 2-4; Wimbledon v Arsenal 1-0.
Play-off final: Everton v Wimbledon 1-0.

Group G: Everton v Aston Villa 0-2; Liverpool v Everton 3-0; Liverpool v Aston Villa 1-1.
Group H: Charlton Athletic v Luton Town 1-3; Manchester United v Charlton Athletic 2-4.
Final: Luton Town v Liverpool 4-0.
(Daily Express, 06-12-1990)

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