The longest wait (or just about)

Here is a magical number for you, 8,821. It is number of days actually, and a sequence that started on April 21, 1923 and ended on June 14, 1947. In more understandable language it is 24 years, 1 month and 25 days. It is the longest wait a Liverpool supporter has had to wait for his, or her, club to be crowned League champions.

Liverpool won their fourth League championship on April 21, 1923 – and the fifth on June 14, 1947. We won our 18th League championship on April 28, 1990. When this League season finishes on May 11, 2014 it will have been 8,780 days since that jubilant celebrations in April 1990. I do not dare to think what if we do not win the League this season.

Well, it is only a number…

When Liverpool became League champions of the 1946/47 season it was out of our hands. We got help – from Sheffield United and a retired footballer name Jack Pickering.

Liverpool played their 42nd and last League match away to Wolves on May 31, 1947 – and won 2-1. The League should have finished that day, but because of an extreme winter two matches were left to be played when June arrived. One of these matches involved Stoke City who were two points behind and with a superior goal difference than Liverpool. All Stoke had to do was to win their last League match – away to Sheffield United on June 14, 1947.

League table with one game remaining:
TLW 41

On the morning of June 14, 1947 this note appeared in the Western Daily Press.
“A soccer season of nearly 10 full months finishes to-day with seven league matches, one of which carries with it the championship of the First Division. Stoke City, one of the 12 original members of the league have a great opportunity of winning the championship for the first time in their chequered career.
Sheffield (United) beset by injuries and other worries can scarcely be expected to hold City, who have won seven games in succession.
Sheffield are without right-back Furniss, who has fractured a collar-bone, and inside-forwards Hagan and Brook, both injured. The former club captain Pickering has been recalled to take Hagan’s place at inside left, and Young, a pre-war full-back deputies for Furniss.”

And, the match? Here is a report from Dundee Courier, Monday, June 16 – 1947.
TLW Jack Pickering II

The final League table for 1946/47:
TLW 42

Our conquering Sheffield United hero – Jack Pickering – and his remarkable career.
TLW Jack Pickering IIITLW Jack Pickering

What about our rivals? What is the longest time their supporters have had to wait?
Number 4 on the list is Manchester United with 14,974 days. From April 29, 1911 until April 26, 1952.

Number 3 on the list is Arsenal with 13,742 days. Running from their first ever match in the Football League on September 2, 1893 until their first League trophy won on April 18, 1931.

Number 2 on the list – our good neighbours from across the park – Everton. They are counting the days as we speak. They last won the League on May 4, 1987 – and up until April 2, 2014 the number of League trophy less days passing by is now at 9,831 – and counting.

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