Shankly dynasty just one big happy family

"Play Up, Liverpool"

Wednesday, December 13 – 1989
The carpet is red. The ceiling is red. The chairs for visitors are red and all these things instinctively draw your eye like a kaleidoscope rationed into one deliberate colour. It’s easy to miss the framed drawing nestling between small, twin wall-lights which cast such soft shadows; a montage of three faces, one player and two trophies.

No captions are necessary. Bill Shankly, the top face, gazes with disconcerting intensity; Bob Paisley, to the left, remains a benevolent pairlarch; Joe Fagan, to the right, is locked into a craggy, earthy smile. The trophies are for the League and Cup.

Threaded through all this, Kenny Dalglish rises in a red shirt, his whole face wreathed in ecstasy at the goal he’s just scored.

The drawing is symbolic as well as graphic.

It was here that Shankly first came 30 years ago to establish the dynasty; it…

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