Sketches: Liverpool F.C.: Season: 1929-30

Sketches gathered for Liverpool F.C. for the 1929-30 season.

Tom Morrison (Liverpool Echo: August 31, 1929)

Tommy Cooper, future-Liverpool, Derby County (Liverpool Echo: September 28, 1929)

Dick Johnson, ex-Liverpool, New Brighton (Liverpool Echo: September 28, 1929)

Danny Shone (Liverpool Echo: October 5, 1929).

Harold Barton (Liverpool Echo: October 26, 1929).

George Latham, ex-Liverpool, Cardiff F.C. trainer (Liverpool Echo: November 9, 1929).

Kenneth Campbell, ex-Liverpool, New Brighton (Liverpool Echo: November 23, 1929).

Louis Page, ex-Liverpool, World War guest player (Liverpool Echo: December 7, 1929).

Archie Macpherson (Liverpool Echo: December 14, 1929).

Arthur Riley (Liverpool Echo: December 28, 1929).

Albert Whitehurst, ex-Liverpool, Bradford City (Liverpool Echo: January 18, 1930)

Tom Bradshaw (Liverpool Echo: February 1, 1930)

Tommy Gardner (Liverpool Echo: March 1, 1930)

George Pither, ex-Liverpool, New Brighton (Liverpool Echo: March 1, 1930)

Dave Wright (Liverpool Echo: March 15, 1930)

Tosh Johnson, future-Liverpool, Everton (Liverpool Echo: March 22, 1930)

Gordon Gunson (Liverpool Echo: April 12, 1930)


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