The recipe for Everton Toffee

April 22, 1853
While in Liverpool last summer, we visited the celebrated village of Everton, were the renowned “Toffy” was manufactured, and we claim some thanks from the juveniles for the following receipt for its manufacture: –

Take one pound and a half of brown sugar, three ounces of butter, a teaspoonful and half of water, and one lemon. Boil the sugar, butter, water, and half the rind of lemon together, and when sufficiently done, which will be known by dropping into cold water, when it should be quite crisp, let it stand aside until the boiling has ceased, and then stir in the juice of the lemon. Butter a dish, and pour it in, about a quarter of an inch in thickness. The fire must be quick, and the toffee stirred at all the time.
(Source: Carlisle Journal: April 22, 1853)

Everton Toffee.
everton toffee

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