The football dispute at Everton

April 25, 1892
The dispute that has been going on between the rival sections at Everton was definitely settled at a meeting of the English Association on Monday evening. The John Houlding section, who has been keenly engaged in the formation of a new club, applied for affiliation.

The application was supported by a deputation consisting of Messrs. William Houlding and Thomas Howarth.

On behalf of the Everton Club Messrs. George Mahon, William Clayton and Richard Molyneux appeared to oppose the application.

Mr. Mahon stated that the Everton Club objected to affiliation until the new club gave up possession of the name and stands, and suggested that the association might appoint a deputation of their number, to act as a board of arbitration to settle the points in the dispute.

The Chairman pointed out that this was impossible, seeing that the question of the stands was now in the law courts, and suggested that some arrangements might be come to by the parties.

Dr Houlding, who spoke on the behalf of the new club, had no wish to do anything unfair, and were quite willing to settle the matter on anything like equitable terms, but up to the present no suggestion had emanated from Mr. Mahon’s party.

Mr. Mahon offered to compromise the matter if the new club would pay the sum of £250 for stands, and also stipulated that his party should retain the name of Everton.

Dr Houlding said he was somewhat surprised at the turn things had taken, and, on behalf of the new club, he agreed to accept the compromise.

The Council then unanimously affiliated the new organisation under the name of Liverpool Football Club.

Since the affiliation took place, the club have been busily engaged in selecting new players, and from what we can gather a very formidable eleven will be found at Anfield next September, including some old faces, and also a number of others of equal renown in the football world.

From the amount of support promised it is highly probable that the new club will also be found in the first 16 of the League.
(Field Sports: May 2, 1892)


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