Liverpool F.C.: Weekly review: November 14, 1892 (Liverpool Mercury)

November 14, 1892
are themselves again. At Fleetwood on Saturday they vanquished the victors of Ardwick and the heroes of a triumphal southern tour, the Fleetwood Rangers having last week defeated Chatham (6 to 1), Millwall Athletic (4 to 1), and the Royal Arsenal (2 to 1), in successive days.

Bearing in mind the initial rushes of last week, Duncan McLean and Andrew Hannah were not to be caught napping, and after the Rangers had pressed for about five minutes, Liverpool held them well in hand. The visitors were certainly a long way in front of their opponents, and  had they played the same game at Blackpool they would almost assuredly have brought about a different result on that occasion than a defeat.

Duncan McLean.
Duncan McLean, Liverpool Football Club

Hannah and McLean played a much improved game. The halves were quite up to their old form, and the forwards worked harmoniously together, John Miller’s skill in the centre being mainly accountable for this desirable change.
To-day Liverpool play Aston Villa at Perry Barr. If the team will do themselves justice, Aston Villa will not have a “walk over” by any means.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: November 14, 1892)

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