Murmurs from the Mersey (November 18, 1899)

November 18, 1899
Bravo, Liverpool! To take a point out of the Geordies at Newcastle was indeed worthy of the old days. We have parted with the wooden spoon once more, thank goodness, and I’m not divulging a secret when I state that we are determined never to give it house room again.

We have had more than enough of it, and never again wish to renew acquaintance with it. The capture of one point at Newcastle clearly proves that the boys are in their very best form, and we may reasonably hope to reap quite a healthy crop of points in the near future.

The team, although not exactly of championship class, is quite good enough to beat the majority of League clubs, and they should not be long in working their way clear of Glossop and Company. The semi-victory at Newcastle would be particularly pleasing to our friend Tom Watson, as canny Newcastle is his birth place.

Good old Liverpool, may their record of wins soon counterbalance their record of losses.

Liverpool have indulged in one further week’s training at Fairhaven. What the result of it is the Villa will today find out, and I’ve not the slightest doubt that the result of their inquiries will be most unsatisfactory to them. Liverpool have been several weeks in training, and as I know for an absolute fact that their weekly expense at Fairhaven have never been less than £30, that 8-0-0 record has something to answer for.

The special training, however, has served its purpose, and it is to be sincerely hoped that Liverpool will never again be such a glorious ornament to the company they have been fraternising with for such a lengthy period.

Liverpool have got a centre-forward at last. Such is the information given me by one of their leading supporters, and I’ve no reason to doubt the veracity of his statement. The man’s name I’m not at liberty to state, but this much I can say, he is the shining light of the Burslem Port Vale team. Great things are expected of him, and I trust that expectation will be fully realised.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: November 18, 1899)

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