West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool

April 30, 1901
At West Bromwich, before 4,000 spectators. The game opened with vigorous end to end rushes, and Tom Robertson once sent in a fine long shot, which missed by a few inches only. At the other end Ben Garfield was bowled over when about to shoot for goal from a good position. John Walker at length scored for the visitors. Abraham Jones almost equalised for Albion directly after, and the game continued even to the interval. Liverpool, one goal; Albion, nil.

Albion opened the second half with a vigorous and well-directed effort, which culminated in a corner, but Liverpool successfully cleared. The visitors retaliated well till the final effort, which was weak, and was easily repelled. Joe Reader gave a corner, but Liverpool made poor use of it. The game was of an even character to its close, both sides being weak near goal.
Liverpool, 1; West Bromwich Albion, 0.
(Source: Manchester Courier: April 30, 1901)

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