Liverpool F.C. Theatrical Gala 1902

Thursday, February 27 – 1902
After months of hard work, suffering from enforced postponement of the festival in consequence of severe wintry weather, and anxiety about climatic conditions when the event did take place, the members of the general council of the Liverpool Theatrical Gala in aid of the local, police, theatrical, and music hall charitable institutions had their minds relieved on Thursday morning last, when bright, balmy, spring-like weather came to gladden the hearts of all who so heartily took up and manfully carried out the arrangements.

In view of the brilliant weather, there was general shaking of hands amongst those whom assembled in Queen-square to control and witness the departure of  most varied procession for Liverpool Football Club Ground, again kindly lent for the occasion, where high festival was held for several hours.

The unique and picturesque cavalcade which proceeded through the streets, embracing all sorts and conditions of vehicles, attracted attention, admiration, and commendation. This was the fourteenth annual gala.

In their annual address and appeal, the members of the general council say: –
“In again bringing to the notice of the public the very excellent charitable objects for which this annual interesting event is arranged, the General Council desire to express their thanks to the general public for the way generous support they have hitherto given.

“The Council also desire to tender their warmest thanks to those who in this and past years have contributed special donations and have accorded their valued patronage’.

“Since these annual galas were instituted, fourteen years ago, very large sums of money have, by their means, been raised and distributed amongst very deserving charitable.”

The amount actually distributed during the past six years has been £2,898. The proceeds of the gala this year will be distributed as follows: –
Actors’ Benevolent Fund, £35;
Music Hall Artistes’ Benevolent Fund, £35;
Actors’ Orphanage, £25;
Musicians Union, £5;
Liverpool and Bootle Police Orphanage, £40;
Training ship Indefatigable, £10 – £150.

The balance to be divided in the following proportion: –
Stanley Hospital, one-fourth;
Consumption Hospital, one fourth;
Convalescent Institution, Woolton, one fourth;
Liverpool Country Hospital for Chronic Diseases for Children, one-twelfth;
Hospital for Women (Shaw-street), one-twelfth.

The Lord Mayor (Alderman C. Petrie) and the Lady Mayoress gave their patronage and presence to the festival, which attracted thousands of the people of Liverpool and district. The distinguished visitors were received by Mr Lewis Peake, chairman of the Council, and he was warmly supported by a full complement of executive officers, the chief of whom was City Councillor J. Roby, a most indefatigable honorary secretary.

The gifts and donations to the scheme were most generous, coming from very varied sources. The entertainment and sports given during the afternoon were most attractive, consisting of an apple-gathering competition for theatrical ladies only; a blindfold wheelbarrow race for gentlemen connected with the various theatres; performances by the Police Band; a large number of “side shows,” including “The Car of Thespis,” “Richardson’s Temple of the Drama,” palmistry on a new principle by Miss Lelia Roze and Miss Cassie Corelli; Messrs Adeler and Sutton’s pierrots; an exhibition of fine art and craft; Barwick’s tramp choir; Snooza’s burlesque band; and a host of novelties. A grand naval tournament by a detachment of blue jackets from H.M.S. Eagle created much enthusiasm, and a mock military tourney, in which the chief artistes of the various theatres took part, created intense amusement, the “fiery untamed steeds” in this instance being represented by donkeys.

The whole of the theatres in Liverpool had their contingents on the ground, and all concerned gave their most earnest efforts towards making the Liverpool Theatrical Gala of 1902 a pronounced success.
(The Ere, 01-03-1902)

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