William White transferred to Middlesbrough

May 2, 1903
William White, Dundee’s crack inside right, has been transferred to Middlesbrough. It has been an open secret for some time that White contemplated joining a leading Southern club, and intended signing for them on 1st of May.

Middlesbrough and other League clubs were also anxious to secure him.

He made up his mind on Thursday night to throw in his lot with a London club, but, acting on the advice of one of our staff, he reconsidered his decision, and has signed for Middlesbrough.

We cannot help regretting that such a splendid player is lost to the town. White has played splendid football this season, and he has the knack of getting the best out of his partner, as witness the success of all the outside men who have played with him.

We, along with all Dundonians, wish White every success across the Border, and trust he will give Middlesbrough the same satisfaction as he has given to Dundee.
(Evening Post: May 2, 1903)

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