Football betting in Liverpool

Tuesday, February 26 – 1907
Degrading the game
At the Liverpool Police-court, yesterday, before Messrs. R.G. Bradley and C.H. Hayhurst, Paul McCann, a respectable-looking man, belonging to Liverpool, was charged with keeping an office for the purpose of betting in Wood-street.

It appeared that Detective Barnett and McCoy were instructed to watch the prisoner’s movements, and in consequence of what they saw a search warrant was obtained and the premises raided by the police. Prisoner was arrested in the act of collecting 35 letters, all of which contained postal orders, money orders, and stamps, varying in amounts from 1s to 20s each, and some football betting coupons. Prisoner had occupied the premises only a few days.

When arrested the prisoner said: “I did not know I was doing wrong, for I was not taking bets inside.”

Prisoner had told the keeper when he took the premises that he was going into the photographic business, and was advertising for canvassers.

A circular letter had been sent out by the firm to the follow effect: – “Messrs. Watson, Moore, and Co., commission agents, Waterloo-buildings, Wood-street, are sending you particulars of their football agency. Should you accept our agency and distribute coupons among friends, a commission of 2s. in the pound will be allowed.

Many of our agents are now earning £1 to £3 weekly all through the football season.”

Cards were enclosed giving a scaled of odds, &c.

Mr. Bateman, who defended, said the prisoner only one day to do business before he was arrested. The letters mentioned were the only ones received.

Prisoner was fined £5 and costs.
(Nottingham Evening Post, 27-02-1907)


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