William Goldie’s benefit

January 1, 1910
“For six seasons,” writes William Goldie, “I played for Liverpool without missing a match; although, of course, I was in the reserve team a good lot. Well, when I got my benefit it only totalled £109. At that time players were getting £300 and £400 for their benefits. So I wasn’t satisfied at all, at all.

“I signed on for Portsmouth seven seasons ago, and for doing that I got suspended for six months for doing nothing at all. John Glover and Sam Raybould were suspended along with me (both of them are now keeping ‘pubs,’ although Sammy still plays for Chesterfield). We got “tried” at Manchester. S’help me. I thought I had got off. I had the Commission who tried us laughing until their sides were sore.

“Ye see. Ah ha’ never cheenged ma tongue sin Ah left Scotland, and they couldna understand me avall. But I could not understand them them when I heard my sentence, six months’ hard labour without the option.

“That was rather a slap on the nose to get when leaving a club you have been with for six years.”
(Cricket and Football Field: January 1, 1910)

William Goldie.


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