More about tramways to and from Anfield

Wednesday, October 19 – 1910
In connection with the tramway facilities for conveying spectators to the Liverpool Football Ground. R. Evans writes: –
“I was pleased to see in your issue on the 15th inst. that someone is at last taking an interest in this matter. I am a visitor to the football matches, but if I should want to board a car on the circular route when a match is to be played at Anfield I know what an inconvenience it is to wait in Walton Breck-road before the car can pass through the congested traffic.

“I quite agree with your correspondent that a loop line between Sleeper’s-hill and the Liverpool Football Ground would be a great advantage, and would like to see this carried out.

“I would suggest, however, a line along Walton Breck-road from the junction at Oakfield-road carried through to Cabbage Hall or returned through Oakfield to Oakfield-road.”
(Evening Express, 19-10-1910)

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