Football League referees 1912-13

June 28, 1912
At the meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League, held at Birmingham yesterday, the following referees were appointed for next season.
A. Adams (Nottingham), I. Baker (Nantwich), H.S. Bamlett (Newcastle), A. Briggs (Blackburn), L. Bullimer (Northampton), T.P. Campbell (Blackburn), W. Chadwick (Blackburn), R. Eccles (Darwen), J.W.D. Fowler (Sunderland), T. Garner (Barnsley), A. Hargreaves (Blackpool), J.E. Hall (Birmingham), J.T. Howcroft (Bolton), D. Hulley (Chesterfield), T. Kirkham (Burslem), J.W. Marsh (Burnley), J. Mason (Burslem), J.H. Pearson (Crewe), S.D. Peers (Liverpool), A. Pellows (Oldham), Arthur Shallcross (Leek), P. Sant (Barnsley), J.G.A. Sharpe (Lichfield), H.H. Taylor (Altrincham), H.T. Yates (Bolton).

Supplemental Referees. – J. Adams (West Bromwich), L.N. Fletcher (Bury), C.R. Hall (Birmingham), W.J. Heath (Burslem), J.T. Hornby (London), R.F. James (Birkenhead), H.J. Palmer (Hucknall Torkard), E.P. Squires (Newcastle-on-Tyne), H. Swift (Sheffield), A. Wilkes (West Bromwich).

By comparison with last season’s list the following names are omitted: J.W. Bailey (Leicester), W.C. Glover (Leicester), T. Field (Mexborough), F. Heath (Birmingham), Fred Kirkham (Ben Rhydding), A.W. McQue (London), T. Robertson (Glasgow), and J.T. Rowbotham (Nottingham); whilst Messrs. J.E. Hall, D. Hulley, and P. Sant have been promoted.
(Staffordshire Sentinel, 29-06-1912)

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