Liverpool v Burnley 1-0 (Charity match)

Wednesday, April 29 – 1914
Match: Benefit for The Theatrical Gala Funds, at Anfield, kick-off: 18:00.
Liverpool – Burnley 1-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 10,000. Gate receipt: £190.
Referee: Mr. J. Butterfield. Linesmen: Messrs. J.B. Davies and J Cahill.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell; Ephraim Longworth, Robert Pursell; Thomas Fairfoull, Bob Ferguson, Donald Mackinlay; Jack Sheldon, Arthur Metcalf, Tom Miller, William Lacey, Jimmy Nicholl.
Burnley (2-3-5): Jerry Dawson; Tom Bamford, David Taylor; George Halley, Tommy Boyle, Billy Watson; Billy Nesbitt, Dick Lindley, Bert Freeman, Teddy Hodgson, Eddie Mosscrop.
The goal: 1-0 Ferguson (75 min.).

Last night 10,000 spectators saw a brilliant friendly game at Anfield between the cup final teams, the objective being the Theatrical Gala Funds. Friendlies at the end of the season are generally “soft” matters, but this re-enactment of the final tie was far different. It was a grim struggle between two friendly teams, and the game was one of the best ever seen on the ground, play ruling fast throughout, and much good combined football being shown by both sides. As at the Palace there was a blank first half; but, again, as on Saturday, at the finish a goal separated the teams, but this time it was Liverpool at the head, Ferguson scoring with a brilliant shot. There was one change in the cup teams, Dawson appearing in goal as compared to Sewell, but this made practically no difference, for Dawson kept goal in his customary safe manner and found the goal-scoring shot an impossibility. The teams had a great reception as they entered the field, and it surely must have been a uniue incident that the two teams were photographed together. They are so welded together on and off the field and in the sporting spirit that it was a plesant and fitting wind-up to their meeting. When manager Watson was drawn from his lair to take his place in the photograph, the crowd raised a specially hearty cheer for him. Mr. J. Butterfield refereed, and was “lined” by Messrs. J.B. Davies and J. Cahill.

In the first half there was little between the teams, and Boyle dominated the game with his sure kicks to his wing men and his excellent heading. That the game was not to be a frolic was shown early on. All the players showed a vim that did them credit, and Boyle’s instructions were as loud and as frequent as at Crystal Palace. Further, he, displayed an earnestness about a throw in that was in dispute that plainly told that it was no ordinary friendly.

In the second half Liverpool had the measure of their opponents, and time and again looked certain to score. Long shots were tried by Fairfoull, but the loft of them was pronounced. After thirty minutes’ play Sheldon, Metcalf, Nicholl, and Ferguson were concerned in the movement that scored. Nicholl tried a shot and screwed the ball right across the goal mouth. Metcalf, in attempting to convert the goal, kicked the ball against an opponent, and when Ferguson took a longrange shot Dawson tried hard to save, but had to give in to a shot that was strong and well-directed. The crowd’s reception of he goal was most enthusiastic and the home player were delighted with their captain’s success. Burnley did not lie down under the blow, and fought hard for the equaliser, but Liverpool triumphed and bade good-bye to their supporters, cheered on vociferously by the spectators.

One special feature of the game was the manner in which Burnley players framed against a free kick. Boyle and Taylor stood in goal, and Dawson advance a couple of yards. The idea was capital, and twice Lacey found his shot pulled down by the goalkeeper. This new idea is one worthy of commendation and copying, but when it was being tried on Liverpool there was a desire on the part of the home side to keep away from goal, whereas they could have advanced well into goal, without fear of being pulled up for offside. Sheldon was again the tricky forward, but Lacey was unusally clever, and was forceful with his shots. Nicholl was not as true as usual, his centres being pulled bacl too far. Miller in the first half made spirited efforts to score, and twice came near heading Sheldon’s centres to the right spot. Campbell had a comparatively easy time, yet he was troubled in the opening half, and one surprise hook shot from Freeman brought out his best show. Freeman and Nesbitt changed places at half-time owing to the centre being injured.
Pursell and Longworth made a great pair of backs, and Pursell once took it into his head to dribble forward, and in so doig he beat four men adroitly. At half back Ferguson was a tower of strength, and led his men well, and Mackinlay was again a thorn in side of the Burnley right wing. Fairfoull was not so good as usual.

After the whistle went a rush was made from Spion Kop to see the “cup.” A number of boys poured over the barrier, and, making their way across the ground, knocked over a boy carrying cigarettes, chocolates, cakes, &c. He fell across the basket and immediately was punced on. For a minute or more he and his basket were underneath a struggling mass of bodies and legs. When a friendly policeman dug him out the basket he had gallantly defended was empty!
(Liverpool Echo, 29-04-1914)

Liverpool and Burnley photographed together at Anfield with Burnley’s FA Cup trophy.
Liverpool and Burnley 1914
Never before in the history of the FA Cup Finals have the two teams been photographed together in one group. The friendly relations between Liverpool and Burnley F.C.’s led last night to this grouping taking place. The occasion was the Theatrical Gala match, and Liverpool reversed the Cup Final result.
Top row. – MacKinlay, Longworth, Campbell, Ferguson, Nesbitt, Dawson, Fairfoull, and Sewell.
Second row. – Mr. J.B. Davies (linesman), Mr. J. Asbury (chairman of the “Livers”), Mr. J. Butterfield (referee), Mr. J. Cahill (linesman), Trainer Connell, Nicholl, B.C. Freemann, Halley, Watson, Lacey, Taylor, Mr. Haworth, and Burnley director.
At foot. – Mr. T. Watson (Liverpool F.C. manager), Sheldon, Metcalf, Pursell, Miller, Lindley, Bamford, Boyle, Hodgson, Mosscrop, and Trainer Edwards.

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