Speakman and Pagnam returns for City

Friday, April 14 – 1916
We know our Manchester City. They are the most improved team in the country. Always able in defence, they have at long last fasthomed a forward line that does them credit.

Barnes left Derby at an enormous price, and his visit to Hyde-road was thus a starting point of improvements in the attack of the City club. True, Barnes did not shape too well against Everton, but he was always a dangerous member, and if Fairclough, at centre, had been a little steadier, the good work of Barnes would have borne better fruit.

From stem to stern to-morrow the City side is strong, and as Liverpool, with Speakman and Pagnam returnering, have a strong side, the game should be a very dour one.

It will be remembered that Liverpool surprised City in the away game, and it is certain that the “bite” in the morrow’s game should lead to a struggle long and keen. Liverpool are expecting a big crowd.

Liverpool. – Taylor; Longworth, Speakman; Bamber, Goddard, Wadsworth; Pinkney, Watson, Pagnam, Metcalf, Cunliffe.
Manchester City. – Goodchild; Gartland, Fletcher; Hughes, Henderson, Brennan; Broad, Jones, Taylor, Barnes, Cartwright.

LFC v MCFC April 1916
(Liverpool Echo, 14-04-1916)

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