Season preview 1917-18: Liverpool F.C. (Star Green ‘Un)

August 25, 1917
Anfield stars again on view.
Liverpool have already held their trial match in which they brought out quite a number of novices, but only one or two gave any promise of reaching the requisite standard of excellence sufficient to displace any of last season’s side. Like Everton, they hope to open with practically all their last season’s team.

Ephraim Longworth and Tommy Lucas remain to play full-back, while John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth and Donald Mackinlay are to form the middle line. It was expected that some new talent would come uppermost in the trial game, but apart from Rigg, a St. Helens centre half, who showed fair form, none of those tried were above ordinary.

Then Arthur Goddard, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Bennett, Harry Lewis and Tommy Cunliffe proved themselves so glaringly superior to the newcomers in the forward line that any change would be unthinkable. In fact, he quintette danced around the opposition, scoring seven goals that might easily have been seventeen but for Percy Kite, the goalkeeper. This lad undoubtedly won his spurs.

If Liverpool do change the team, it will be Kite instead of Tommy Haughton in goal. Kite is a second Jim Iremonger in height. He hails from Warrington, and last Saturday impressed his auditors very much, fielding high and breast-high shots with the confidence of a veteran, never fumbling or mishandling a single shot. Kite has come to stay.
(Source: Star Green ‘Un: August 25, 1917)


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