Wales FA: Professional players for September, 1919

October 17, 1919
The official list of professional players registered by the Welsh FA, during the month of September, 1919, is as follows: –

Alfred Armstrong, Pontypridd;
Thomas Ashworth, Abertillery;
Kenneth Bain, Mid-Rhonda;
James, Bennett, Mardy;
William Bush, Mardy;

William Bushell, Pontypridd;
Thomas Barlow, Pontypridd;
William T. Brown, Swansea Town;
Robert H. Bithell, Rhyl Athletic;
Allan Banks, Abertillery;

Sidney Beaumont, Barry;
William J. Bowen, Barry;
Ernest Berrisford, Barry;
David Collier, Mid-Rhondda;
Herbert Clarke, Bargoed District;

Albert William Curtis, Cwmpark;
William Cox, Cardiff City;
William Devlin, Cardiff City;
David J. Davies, Mardy;
Christopher Doran, Mardy;

Llewellyn Davies, Aberdare;
David Davies, Barry;
Garnet Davies, Aberdare;
Arthur Evans, Bargoed District;
William D. Evans, Mardy;

Ted M. Evans, Cwmpark;
Bert Evans, Newport County;
Anedrin Evans, Pontypridd;
George Evans, Swansea Town;
Thomas Foster, Bargoed District;

Frederick S. Fox, Abertillery;
Charles Fenn, Barry;
William A. Fyfe, Rogerstone;
Frank Griffiths, Mardy;
James Griffin, Newport County;

George Guy, Aberman Athletic;
George James Gates, Bargoed;
William M. Hancock, Bargoed District;
Edward Husbands, Mardy;
Robert Hughes, Mardy;

Edward T. Hornby, Rhyl Athletic;
James Hindmarch, Newport County;
John Thomas Hughes, Rhyl;
Fred Howarth, Pontypridd;
William John Hughes, Rhyl;

David Richard Jones, Cwmpark;
Hugh Jones, Mardy;
John Jenkins, Mardy;
Henry Jones, Cwmpark;
Robert Jones, Rhyl Athletic;

Hugh Jackson, Abertillery;
David J. Jones, Barry;
Henry Kelson, Newport County;
John Lowe, Bargoed District;
Eli Evans Lewis, Barry Discharged S. and S;

Sam Lewis, Wrexham;
Francis Lavery, Barry;
Alfred Lumberg, Connah’s Quay;
David Morgan, Barry;
Arthur McCormack, Barry;

Ernest Millward, Pontypridd;
William Joseph Nicholas, Swansea Town;
James Osborne, Mardy;
Albert U. Owen, Dukestown;
James E. Pallett, Mardy;

Ellis Peter, Connah’s Quay;
Robert Peake, Cwmpark;
George Rampton, Mid-Rhondda;
Joseph Robbins, Pontypridd;
Arthur Roberts, Rhyl Athletic;

David Stamey Scott, Merthyr Town;
Frank Sheldon, Barry;
William W. Sanders, Barry;
Albert Spencer, Swansea Town;
Harry Smith, Wrexham;

Alex Stewart, Cardiff City;
Emrys Thomas, Mardy;
Harry Thomas, Cwmpark;
Henry Thomas, Swansea Town;
William James Woodward, Bargoed and District;

John Weir, Swansea Town;
Ernest Webb, Barry;
Henry Woodward, Barry;
Tom Williams, Rogerstone;
William Woodward, Mardy;

William Wright, Aberystwyth.
(Source: Llangollen Advertiser: October 17, 1919)

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