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About David Hannah:
He was a beautiful goalgetter, but his greatest delight was never in the scoring of goals; it lay in his feeding of the big guns on either side of him. That artful pass of his with either foot, through a defence was the means of scoring more goals than from any inside forward I ever knew.
(Sunderland Daily Echo: January 16, 1936)

Born: April 24, 1867: County Down, in Ireland.
Passed away: January 12, 1936: Renton, in Scotland.
** I am not sure if the birth date is correct. It is taken from online sources. When he died he was 67 years old, according to his death certificate. Many newspaper articles claim he was from Renton.

Nickname: Chippy.

Position: Inside right or inside left.

Height: 168 cm. (5ft. 6 ½in.);
Weight: 70 kilos (11st.).
** Source for height and weight: Athletic News: December 21, 1896.

Renton Union, 1880.
Renton Thistle, 1887.
Renton, 1887.
Sunderland: Signed: August 1889.
* Transferred to Liverpool.
Liverpool: Signed: November 2, 1894;
* registered with the Football League: November 3, 1894;
* eligible to play for Liverpool F.C. in official matches: November 10, 1894.
* re-signed contract: May 1, 1895.
* re-signed contract: May 18, 1896.
Dundee: Signed: May, 1897.
Woolwich Arsenal.
Renton: Signed: 1899.

Football League Winner: 1891-92 (Sunderland).
Football League First Division Winner: 1892-93 (Sunderland); 1894-95 (Sunderland).
Football League Second Division Winner: 1895-96 (Liverpool).

Sunderland Daily Echo: September 2, 1892.
Davie Hannah 1892

Evening Telegraph: August 20, 1897.
Davie Hannah 1897

Tamworth Herald: November 10, 1900.
Davie Hannah 1900

Death certificate, from 1936.
Davie Hannah 1936 death certificate IDavie Hannah 1936 death certificate IIDavie Hannah 1936 death certificate III

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