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Andrew McCowie (Andy McCowie) @ PlayUpLiverpool.com

All articles about Andy McCowie on PlayupLiverpool.com. About Andy McCowie; Born: 1876, in Old Monkland (Lanarkshire), in Scotland. Passed away: November 15, 1957: Cambuslang (Lanarkshire), in Scotland. Position: Inside right. Height: 163 cm. (5ft. 4in.); Weight: 64 kilos (10st. 2lb.). Career: Cambuslang Hibs: 1894. Liverpool: Signed: October 26, […]

Peter Kyle @ PlayUpLiverpool.com

All articles about Peter Kyle on PlayUpLiverpool.com. About Peter Kyle: “There is about him something that is strongly reminiscent of the old Scotch school. He is quiet, unaffected – the type of players who must be understood before he can be appreciated. He is the mainspring of a […]

Lycurgus Burrows @ PlayUpLiverpool.com

All articles about Lycurgus Burrows at PlayUpLiverpool.com; About Lycurgus Burrows: Born: June 26, 1875: Ashton-under-Lyme (Northumberland), England. Passed away: August 23, 1952: Gosforth (Northumberland), England. Position: Right back. Height: (5ft. 9½in.); Weight: (12st. 10lb.). Career: Melrose Govan. Sheffield St. John School. Woolwich Polytechnic. 1891. Woolwich Arsenal. Signed: Amateur […]

Abraham Foxall (Abe Foxall) @ PlayUpLiverpool.com

All articles about Abe Foxall on PlayUpLiverpool.com. About Abe Foxall: Born: 1874, in Sheffield (Yorkshire), in England. Passed away: 1950. Position: Outside left. Height: Weight: Career: Gainsborough Trinity. * 1897-98: 22-4 (Football League 2); 4-3 (FA Cup); * 1898-99: 33-9 (Football League 2); 2-0 (FA Cup). ** Transferred […]

James Jackson (Jimmy Jackson) @ PlayUpLiverpool.com

All articles about Jimmy Jackson on PlayUpLiverpool.com. About Jimmy Jackson: Born: September 15, 1875: Cambuslang, Scotland. Passed away: Position: Left back. Height: Weight: Career: Hamilton Academical: Signed: 1892. Adamstown Rosebud: Signed: 1893. Newton Thistle: Signed: 1894. Cambuslang: Signed: 1895. Glasgow Rangers: Signed: May 11, 1896. * 1896-97: 1-0 […]

David Hannah @ PlayUpLiverpool.com

All articles about David Hannah on PlayUpLiverpool.com.; About David Hannah: “He was a beautiful goalgetter, but his greatest delight was never in the scoring of goals; it lay in his feeding of the big guns on either side of him. That artful pass of his with either foot, […]

David Hannah dies aged 67

Sunday, January 12 – 1936 David Hannah, the former Renton, Sunderland, Liverpool, and Woolwich Arsenal player, died at Renton yesterday at the age of 67. Hannah, who was an inside left, was 11 years with Sunderland, being one of the “team of all the talents.” He was afterwards […]

Stanley Briggs @ PlayUpLiverpool.com

All articles about Stanley Briggs on PlayUpLiverpool.com. About Stanley Briggs: “He possesses all the qualities which go together in making a first-class player. He has plenty of pluck and dash, he has height, weight, ability, and an appreciation of the requirements of the position he occupies in the […]

Former Liverpool player in court

Tuesday, March 3 – 1925 When Beatrice Ellen Allman (37) was charged at Brighton yesterday with bigamy, it was stated that she left her home at South Norwood on December 6, went to Newhaven, and, on the same say, it was alleged, went through a form of marriage […]

The romance of Royal Arsenal

Monday, January 5 – 1925 1,000 up: A story of pioneers. The pioneers in London of League football, as understood in these days, were a team called Royal Arsenal. Eventually this club became Woolwich Arsenal, and in the end revised the title for the third time and became […]

Kenneth Campbell’s unique life story – Part I

Saturday, May 7 – 1921 When seventeen clubs wanted me to sign on. My remarkable discovery and capture by Liverpool F.C. By Kenneth Campbell “Kenneth Campbell, the famous goalkeeper for Partick Thistle and Scotland, begin here the story of his wonderful football career. In the very front rank […]

The death of Bob Benson

February 19, 1916 Bob Benson, the well-known Arsenal footballer, died very suddenly on Saturday afternoon from heart failure in the dressing room of the Arsenal ground at Highbury, after having had to leave the field of play in the second half of the London Combination game against Reading. […]

James McIlvenny’s distinction

February 19, 1916 Bradford City’s extraordinary game with Hull City established several new record and was a personal triumph for James McIlvenny (Jimmy McIlvenny). By a peculiar coincidence it was the fifth anniversary of his debut with Bradford City, and he celebrated it by scoring five goals, one […]