Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1943-44

June 13, 1944
The report of the Liverpool Football Club for the year ended May 8 last shows a profit of £1,258, which, added to £13,219 brought forward last year, gives a balance of £14,477.

After payment of a 7½ per cent. dividend for the year and of arrears of dividend for the year ended May 6, 1940, £12,677 is carried forward.

The retiring directors, Messrs. William John Harrop, James Troop, and Alderman Ralph Knowles Milne, have offered themselves for re-election and no other nominations have been received.
(Liverpool Daily Post: June 13, 1944)


Liverpool Football Club report a profit of £1,258 on last season’s working as compared with a profit of £3,091 the previous season, and, as in the case of Everton, the fact that the club paid benefits to players for service up to the war brought about the change. Liverpool’s benefits totalled £4,160, so that had this step not been taken the balance would have been over the £5,000 mark.

The gate receipts were up by no less than £4,418 to £16,072. The club paid out £4,730 to visiting clubs, and received £3,156 from away matches. The Lancashire Cup brought in £2,762, and Entertainments Tax took £5,977.

The overdraft at the bank has been reduced by about £5,000 to £12,136, which is secured by a charge on the properties now assessed at £29,000. The profit and loss account shows a credit of £14,477.

The club has decided to give the shareholders a little windfall. At least, it will be recommended that dividends at 7½ per cent for two season shall be paid, which will absorb £1,800.

As I mentioned some time ago, the three retiring directors, Messrs. William John Harrop, James Troop, and Ralph Knowles Milne, will be re-elected unopposed at the annual meeting on June 22.
(Evening Express: June 13, 1944)


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