Gerald Pilkington transferred to Liverpool

March 20, 1945
Liverpool continue their policy of securing promising young players with a view to post-war needs and they have made a capture in the signing, on amateur forms, of Gerald Pilkington, the Bankfield (Southport) inside left and member of the Liverpool County FA eleven which has reached the third round of the FA Minor (Youth’s) Cup.

Liverpool officials were deeply impressed with the play of Pilkington at Anfield recently, when he scored the first two of the three goals by which Liverpool defeated Lancashire. Pilkington is only in his ‘teens, built on lines of Andy McLaren, the young Preston North End inside forward, and not unlike McLaren in style.

Definitely a worker with a keen “nose” for goals, Pilkington is a player who should develop into a really good forward. Consequently, Liverpool now have safe on forms, four of the Liverpool FA team, the others being Robert Williams, Bryan Williams and John Hughes.
(Evening Express: March 20, 1945)


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