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“He is well built, and when on the field looks every inch a footballer. He looks well on the field, and as he careers up the wing he reminds one of his more famous brother. He can centre with ease and accuracy, and his goal record at Chester shows that he knows the right location of the goal posts. He is one of the men whom it is safe to prophesy will make his mark.”
(Source: Match Programme: September 29, 1906)

Born: 1881, in Chester, United Kingdom.
Passed away: December 13, 1958: Chester, United Kingdom.

A profile presentation of Jack Lipsham from 1906.

Position: Outside left.

Height: 169 cm. (5ft. 6½in.);
Weight: 66 kilos (10st. 5lb.).
* Source: Match Programme: September 29, 1906.

Chester St. John’s, 1899.
Chester, 1903.
Liverpool: Signed: May 9, 1906.
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: January 3, 1907.
** Liverpool were fined 1 guineas for failing to register Lipsham with the Football League in time for his debut.
** Transferred to Chester.
Chester: Signed: May, 1907.
Wrexham: 1913.
** Transferred to Crewe Alexandra.
Crewe Alexandra: Signed: August, 1914.
* South Liverpool, war time guest (1915/16).
Chester, 1919.

Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: September 29, 1906.
John Lipsham 1906

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