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Born: September 1, 1921: in Liverpool (Lancashire), in England.
Passed away: December 22, 1999: in Liverpool (Lancashire), in England.

Position: Left back.


Liverpool, 1945.
Tranmere Rovers, signed, 1949.

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  1. Jack MacDonald signed for Liverpool in during the war years having played in a works cup final at Anfield during that period, he was signed by the then Liverpool manager (Kay ??? ) and played till 1949 when he transferred to Tranmere Rovers till 1953 when he underwent a cartilage operation. Only to be told the hospital had operated on the wrong leg. They then went on to remove the damaged cartilage. He did not play for Tranmere again however he carried on playing local football and could be seen at the age of 65 playing at work (Cross International East Lancashire Road ) He was also an excellent Yankee baseball player and was once asked to coach the English American Baseball Team

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