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Born: February 25, 1925: Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Passed away: October 19, 2016: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Position: Inside forward.
Distillery: Signed: 1942.
Dundela: Signed: 1945.
Linfield: Signed as amateur: 1946.
Dundela: Signed: June, 1947.
** Transferred to Wolves for £1,250.
Wolverhampton Wanderers: Signed: July, 1947.
** Transferred to Stoke City for £20,000.
Stoke City: Signed: September 28, 1951.
Liverpool: Signed: December 31, 1952.
** Retired July 19, 1954 to take up business in Belfast.
Bangor: Signed: 1955.

Sammy Smyth (Birmingham Daily Gazette: September 5, 1947).

Watched by Stoke City’s veteran manager, Mr. Bob McGrory, £20,000 Sammy Smyth signs for the Potteries club at Molineux yesterday.

(Birmingham Daily Gazette: September 29, 1951)


Sammy Smyth (Northern Whig: August 2, 1952):


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