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What an amazing life style it brings, you know, when supporting a football team 24/7, following the score, the previews, the reviews, building up and tearing down … dreams. Nothing last forever, but this come pretty close. Come on, Red men – Play up, Liverpool!

Before I start let me tell you that I believe all clubs around the world are unique and special. All the clubs have fans and supporters like you and me that are the best. Some clubs just have more trophies and rank higher in that regard, but the passion within is the same.

All clubs and supporters are treated equally on this website.

What kind of web site, is this?
This is all about the history of Liverpool Football Club, the area it touches, the people it has kissed since the dawn and victories and failures. At the time of writing this article 9,000 newspaper articles have been transcribed and can be viewed here. It might now be the easiest way around locating these – I have not used any expert help – everything is “self-made”, but I will give you some clues to navigate this website.

All the articles are tagged and put in a “Category”. A category can be “League matches”, “Player news”, “Annual General Meeting”, “Other News”, “Hillsborough” etc. All articles also contain tags – words that you can find inside the article and that makes it easier to search for the kind of information you are after, examples: “Alex Raisbeck”, “Bill Shankly”, “Wolverhampton Wanderers”, “knee injury”, “local talent”.

The categories that I am most excited about are:
“5 Stars”: The category where I add all the special “wow” articles I have found in media.
“Annual General Meeting”: Reports of all the AGM’s I have come across since they became public in 1904.
“Liverpool F.C. A to Z”: An overview of all the players that has been with our club, stars, juniors, triallists, ladies, youth etc.
“Liverpool F.C. Football Ground, Anfield”: All articles telling a story about Anfield, from adding new stands, repairs, re-surfing and raising of the Kop etc. One of the most popular Categories to surf through at the moment.
“Liverpool F.C. Weekly Review”: From the start in 1892 and at least up until 1915 some newspaper, sports paper brought weekly news for all clubs. I have tried to gather these under this category. When completed you can actually read through the club’s history by following these articles.
“Other news”: Articles that is not about LFC or football, but can be about the city of Liverpool, the village of Everton or anything that have a “wow” factor.
“Season Preview”: All previews I have come across for LFC and also other clubs. Usually contains information about what happened during the close season, a presentation of the squad etc.
“The Reserves”: I try to gather all match reports/facts for the reserves in one place. So here you can find report of matches that I have added since 1892.
“The Split”: All articles connected to the split with Everton in 1892 and leading to the foundation of Liverpool F.C.
“War time matches”: All matches played during World War 1 and World War 2.


You can also use the search fields. Search for “Everton”, for “Hodgson”, for “enclosure”, for “transfer fees” – what ever to see what’s inside this news-bank.

Please note that there is no advertisement on these pages. All the costs in connection with running and operating this website is from my own pocket. They are free to use. My “pay” is the joy the club has given me as long as I can remember. This is my life style, my passion, my way of supporting the greatest team in the world – Liverpool F.C.



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  1. This is such a fabulous site and I’ve learned so much about the origins and history of the Reds from it YNWA

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