Liverpool and District Notes: July 13, 1891 (Athletic News)

July 13, 1891
In footballiania there is nothing very startling. Bootle have received a consignment of Scotchmen whose abilities are not known, whilst matters are quiet up Everton way. A back, however, will be wanted, and, what is more, will have to be got, but there is yet a couple of months.

For the information of visiting clubs I may mention that the matter of furnishing a dressing-room on the Everton ground is left over. There is not a club anywhere more desirous of providing comfortable quarters than Everton, but at present the committee cannot see their way to expend a large amount on a suitable place. A small amount would only be an insult to visitors and a reproach to the club.

The sense of the members at the annual meeting was that such accommodation should be provided, and a scheme was submitted to the last committee meeting. This would cost £500 with the usual extras, and in view of the unsatisfactory position of the club in regard to leasing the ground, several members would not entertain the expenditure for a moment, and quite right too. To expend £500 on a dressing-room at present is nonsense.

I believe the club are poachers now to the extent of eight yards, and if this was taken from them, what use would the remainder be for football purpose? Unless the adjoining land can be purchased, it is no use erecting dressing-rooms.
(Source: Athletic News: July 13, 1891)

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