Liverpool F.C. with very deep pockets

October 22, 1892
Liverpool, if their “gates’ are below even the low-water mark foretold by the ‘seceders,” still have faith in the future.

They have a good class of men, too good, judged from the quality of matches for which they at present have to be content, and yet they ready to remedy defects.

Money is no obstacle, and though I learn on reliable authority that £3,000 has been placed at the disposal of the managers, they can have more if, like Oliver Twist, they ask for it.

Such enterprise is courageous, and is, to the mind of the foreseeing impresario, but a “sprat to catch a mackerel.”

Liverpool may look with envy on the bursting condition of Everton’s moneybags, but they can chuckle in their sleeves at the team’s moderate success and anticipate the consequential reaction in popularity.

Liverpool’s latest recruit is John McCartney, of St. Mirren, who helped at half back to defeat Nantwich by four goals to nil.

Liverpool clubs have been again lucky in the draw, as in the second round of the Cup Liverpool have secured choice of ground with Newtown, and Bootle and Liverpool Caledonians are bracketed to meet at Hawthorne-road. These last named local rivals have never tried a fall before.
(Lancashire Evening Post: October 22, 1892)

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