A new scheme for the Liverpool F.C. Theatrical Gala

February 3, 1893
New scheme for a theatrical football match. A number of representative gentlemen met last evening at the Neptune Hotel to further an object which the Liverpool Football Club have in view to benefit two of the leading Liverpool charities – the Northern Hospital and the Stanley Hospital – and to make some provision for the children of the late Mr. Albert Smith.

Mr. John Houlding presided over an attendance which included Messrs. H. Heard, Arthur Bamford, J. Malone, J. Bell, L. Peake, C.F. Bennett, H.P. Ellis, Harry Oldfield Cooper, Sidney B. Cooper, Lawrence Crosthwaite, Eastham, Kelly and John Dermot.

A match is to take place on an early date in March, when pantomime artists from Manchester will come to Liverpool to engage in a friendly contest with the players of the Liverpool Football Club.

Captain Wombwell (of the Prince of Wales Theatre) is the president, and is moving actively to promote the success of the scheme in conjunction with the joint treasurers, Mr. William Houlding and Mr. Arthur J.J. Bamford, and the secretary Mr. Sidney B. Cooper.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: February 4, 1893)

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