The retirement of Mr. William Jackson

June 3, 1893
The announcement of Mr. William Jackson’s resignation came as a great surprise to Evertonians. Mr. Jackson has been associated with the Everton club almost from its infancy. He has seen some ups and downs in connection with the club, but has manfully kept his post.

He was one of the guarantors to Mr. John Houlding, when the latter secured for the club the Anfield site, and he had not much encouragement to fill this responsible position, for the first “gate” on this site only realised £1 14s. 10d.

He has now the satisfaction of retiring after seeing the magnificent sum of £765 taken under the auspices of the Everton club; in other words he has seen the revenue of club increased from £300 per annum to between £9,000 and £10,000 per annum.

In all Mr. Jackson has put in 13 years’ service, and deserves well of the club, for at the time of the split he took the side of the majority of members. I remember looking over the well kept volumes of the Football Field at the Sandon Hotel, and I find his son at the time of his death in 1885 was goalkeeper for the second eleven of the Everton club.

Mr. Jackson resigns through his business engagements, but he leaves the club as a first-rate going concern and not in a sinking state.
(Cricket and Football Field: June 3, 1893)


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