Meeting of the Football League (April 10, 1896)

April 10, 1896
Yesterday the management committee of the Football League met at the Alexandra Hotel, Dale Street, to transact their ordinary business, and to complete arrangements for today’s international match. Owing to illness on the part of Billy Bassett, Steve Bloomer and Ernest Needham, vacancies were created, and after careful consideration the committee decided to replace these brilliant players by the following: Charles Athersmith and Jack Devey, right wing forwards and Tom Perry (West Bromwich Albion), right half-back, otherwise the team remains as originally selected.

The draw for the right of obtaining the first home matches among the competing clubs in the test matches resulted in the good fortune falling to the second division clubs, Liverpool and Manchester City. Complete fixtures cannot be compiled owing to the fact that till this evening it is impossible to “place” either Wolverhampton Wanderers or Small Heath; but, so far as the present known, Manchester City play West Bromwich on Saturday, April 18, at Manchester, while Liverpool play the same club at Anfield on Saturday, April 25.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: April 11, 1896)


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